Friday, 13 July 2018

Over 90% support for Gillingham's Neighbourhood Plan

Big congratulations to the Gillingham, for the latest Neighbourhood Plan in Dorset to pass its referendum milestone.  It has taken a lot of commitment by the Neighbourhood Plan Group, who started as one of the front runners some 6 years ago.  I know the Neighbourhood Plan Group has put in considerable effort to prepare and consult on the plan, and also to ensure people were informed at this referendum stage - and I hope they are very proud of their achievement.

The votes were: 
Yes 1,919 (90.5%)
No 201 (9.5%)

This is a clear majority and means that the plan will go before North Dorset District Council on 27th July 2018 to agree the results of the referendum and agree to 'make' the plan part of the statutory development plan.    

Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Group in action (2016)

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