Friday, 7 December 2018

More Neighbourhood Plan news

There is quite a run of Neighbourhood Plan news on my blog - and I make no apologies as there is a lot going on in Dorset. Updates this week include:

An appeal decision in regard to one of the key sites in the Shillingstone Neighbourhood Plan has been issued, with the proposed development (that was contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan requirements yet had been recommended for approval by officers) firmly dismissed. This shows that Neighbourhood Plans can make a difference.

Hazelbury Bryan has received their Examiner's report recommending some minor changes and to proceed to referendum.  The Examiner commended the Plan for being attractively set out, with generous use of plans and photographs, making it very user-friendly and easy to navigate.   

Holwell Neighbourhood Plans' Examiner's report is now available online.  The Examiner recommended some minor changes and to proceed to referendum. He congratulated the Working Group and the Parish Council on producing a comprehensive and well-illustrated document, that captured the character and appearance of the parish and showed a commendable extent of contact with the public during the preparation of the Plan. 

Sturminster Newton's Examiner's report has also been received - again recommending that the plan can proceed to referendum, but with more significant changes including making the reserve sites into site allocations and increasing the supply above that of the adopted Local Plan, based on the need for additional housing identified through the (yet to be examined) Local Plan Review. The controversial site adjoining the Bull Tavern has also been deleted - although the Examiner did consider that it may be possible to alter the policy in order to comply, but that this may not be helpful in the context of the existing planning application for that site.

Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan was formally 'made' on 28 November, with the District Council offering its congratulations to the Parish Council and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group in producing a successful plan.

Last, but by no means least, Arne Neighbourhood Plan starts its pre-submission consultation today, and will run to 28 January 2019.