Thursday, 22 November 2018

Askerswell's polling day results announced

And another successful referendum result, this time for Askerswell in West Dorset. Certainly the smallest Neighbourhood Plan population in Dorset with a total electorate of 138, managed a 46% turnout and a sold 'yes' vote of 83%. Congratulations to the team there, whose plan now defines a settlement boundary for development purposes for the first time.

Friday, 16 November 2018

So much happening!

There has been a lot going on over the summer - so there are really no excuses for such a long blog drought.  I think the drought has been because I'm generally an up-beat optimist, and I was really disappointed in the NPPF's treatment of Neighbourhood Plans (the revisions could have been much more supportive of the localism concept and got rid of the prematurity loophole) - so I just couldn't bring myself to blog about that news! 

However last night's Neighbourhood Plan referendum result in Fontmell Magna is sufficient to turn things around and get me bouncing right back -

Turnout:    47.8%
Percentage in favour:   91.5%

This is a quite impressive result - in my experience only plans that avoid the whole question of allocating sites for development get over 90% approval rating.  The turnout is a really excellent too (higher than the other North Dorset Neighbourhood Plans).  And it certainly sets the benchmark for Pimperne in North Dorset, who will be next to the vote following their successful examination, although quite likely to be followed shortly by two more as the Examiners' reports are due any minute for Sturminster Newton and Hazelbury Bryan.

Well done to all the volunteers who put effort into the Fontmell Magna Neighbourhood Plan - a great result and here's hoping that it will be as influential as it should be in future planning decisions.

Lots of Local Plan activity around Dorset too - so that may well be my next blog post...