Friday, 8 June 2018

West Dorset and Weymouth Plan - emerging options now available to view

One to keep an eye on – the preferred options draft of the West Dorset and Weymouth Local Plan is now going through committees prior to consultation in August – October.  Click here for a look at the proposed policy changes and site allocations. 
Key points to note include:
  • 2.5% increase on proposed growth (up to 794 dwellings per annum) – but the actual supply could in theory deliver 955 dwellings per annum as it would include a ‘buffer’ of about 3,200 homes above what is needed;
  • New site specific allocations at all of the towns, plus Crossways.  This includes a major development north of Dorchester, significant growth at Sherborne, and the release of further sites at Crossways.  No specific allocations proposed in the area's villages; 
  • Proposed approach to setting minimum growth figures for Neighbourhood Plan areas;
  • More permissive approach for residential conversions in the countryside, providing the building is not completely isolated (so at a minimum should forms of a hamlet or group of buildings);
  • More relaxed approach proposed on the size of replacement dwellings in the countryside;
  • Small sites (up to 5 dwellings) will not be expected to make any affordable housing contributions for the foreseeable future.
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