Monday, 4 January 2016

North Dorset Local Plan - plain sailing up to April

Yes - it arrived in the Christmas post!  Dated 17 December the Inspector's report concludes the plan is sound, subject to the main modifications that were aired in the summer. 

In particular with regard to the new housing need data, he concludes that "Taken as a whole… the benefits of adopting a plan that will be subject to early review, outweigh the disbenefits of relying on the 2012 SHMA.”

So provided that there are no hiccups between now and the Full Council meeting, the District Council can rest on its laurels of having the most up to date Local Plan in Dorset. Not that the planners can rest for long, as the early review means starting by April this year, and may inevitably require more sites to be found in light of the housing need for the future.